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Custom Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Services

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Custom Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Services
Custom Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Services

With the capability of being applied to both formed metal pieces and welded assemblies, we offer several types of ISO compliant finishing services such as deburring, powder coating, tapping and polishing from mill finish to mirror. One should note that our powder coat line has a 10 x 10 foot capacity. Please also inquire after our high-quality grinding and finishing service option.

From pharmaceuticals to robotics, our company has been successfully serving an extensive range of professional industries for over thirty years. We have the ability to manage all production volumes from high to low, large to short run. Our grinding, polishing and finishing services offer quality, high-end product that meets optimal industry standards. We invite you to inquire today about this or any of our other superior services.

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Example Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Projects

Custom Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Capabilities:

Intended Applications
  • Formed Metal Pieces
  • Welded Assemblies
Type of Finishing Services
  • Deburring
    • Grinding
    • Tumbling
    • Vibratory
  • Drilling
  • Laser Marking/Engraving
  • Industrial & Commercial Painting
  • Powder Coating Treatment
  • Polishing From Mill finish To Mirror
  • Tapping
Production Volume
  • Specialty Production Shop
  • Prototype
  • Low Volume
  • Small Run
  • High Volume
  • Large Run
  • Long Run
  • Large Scale Production Volume Run
Lead Times Available
  • Quoted on job by job basis
  • Emergency services available
  • Rush Services Available
Industry Standards Met
  • ISO - Compliant (International Organization for Standardization)
Industries Served
  • Aerospace
  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Railroad/Locomotive
  • Refrigeration
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductor
  • Signage
File Formats Accepted
  • AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
  • BMP (Bit Mapped Graphics)
  • DXF (Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format)
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI file format.)
  • Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW,PRT,XPR)
  • SolidEdge (DFT)

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