Precision Laser Cutting Services

Precision Laser
Cutting Services

We guarantee superior precision laser cutting services with precision tolerance accuracy rating that can operate in a wide range of applications from engraving to sheet metal fabrication.

Water Jet Cutting Services

Water Jet Cutting

With water jet pressure that can reach a maximum of 50,000 psi, our high-quality equipment can slice materials up to five inches thick and seventy-two inches in diameter with precision tolerance.

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Sheet Metal Punching &
Forming Services

With the capacity to handle 24-gauge sheet to ½’’ plate size we can assist you with any of your forming. Our beds are 13’ long to accommodate customer needs and are all equipped with 8-axis back gauges.


MIG, TIG, & Stick
Welding Services

With the ability to process materials from thin sheet to 6” thick plate, our custom MIG, TIG and spot welding services can be used on a variety of products. Specializing in aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel manufacturing, our free hand welding process can also work with a broad range of alternate materials such as bronze, copper, and brass.

Custom Grinding, Polishing, & Finishing Services

Custom Grinding, Polishing,
& Finishing Services

With the capability of being applied to both formed metal pieces and welded assemblies, we offer several types of ISO compliant finishing services. Multimetal has the capability to grind and polish stainless steel from #4 up to #8 super mirror finish.

High precision CNC machining center working, operator machining automotive sample part process in the factory

CNC Machining

With the ability to handle a broad range of materials, from alloy steels to plastic polymers, our high-tech precision CNC turning and milling services provide a 3 axis VMC center with a 50 X 20 X 25 inch work envelope. Our lathes offer a twelve-inch chucking capacity with five feet between centers.

Engineering, Powder Coating & Assembly Services

Engineering, Powder Coating
& Assembly Services

Leveraging our experience as a provider of custom fabrication and manufacturing, Multimetal Products Corporation also offers value added services such as engineering, powder coating, and assembly services.

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