Being ISO 9000 compliant Multimetal Products Corporation takes pride in the parts we fabricate for our customers and are dedicated in making parts right the first time. All projects and parts are inspected at each operation and prior to shipping insuring the highest quality possible.

Our Quality Control Department is held to the highest standard and is armed with the latest laser technologies in inspection Equipment. Our new Amada Fabrivision HD Laser inspection center is a non-contact, flat part laser scanner that provides automatic measurement and digitizing capabilities that are an integral part of Multimetal’s quality assurance. Our machine’s automated inspection processes will compare our first article to the original CAD drawings created and generate a variety of color-coded reports if any problems are detected. This new technology also allows us to reverse engineer flat parts directly into CAD files for customers who require such operations. All of these things are done in minutes and have cut down our inspection time significantly reducing customer cost.

Inspection Equipment

  • (1) Amada Fabrivision HD Laser Inspection Center
  • (1) Mitutoyo AE-122 CMM
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